String theory group at Ferdowsi university of Mashhad has been stablished in 2006. Our group contains two permanent staff and several Ph.D. and M.Sc. students. We have a weekly seminar on string theroy and related topics.

Note: If you are interested to join us through the M.Sc or Ph.D exams please read the following file:

Read this file (in persian): Info


Permanent Staff:

Mohammad. R. Garousi, Ahmad. Ghodsi

PhD Students:

T. Hoori, 2004- . M. Khosravi, 2005-2012. E. Hatefi, 2006-2011. M. Mir, 2007-. H. Golchin, 2008-. K. Babaei, 2009-. D. Mahdavian, 2009-. A. Jalali 2010-. H. Bakhtiaryzadeh 2010-. G. Jafari 2010-. M. Moghaddasi 2011-. H. Razaghian 2011-. M. Mohammadzadeh 2011-. E. Biouk 2011-.

MSc Students:                                                                                                                             

K. Babaei, D. Mahdavian, 2006-2008. A. Kheirandish, M. Vahidinia, 2007-2009. M. Moghaddasi, 2008-2010. E. Goodarzi, M. Bagherabadi, F. Najafi, M. Khavari, 2009-2011. H. Babaei 2010-2012, Y. Akoo, 2010- M. Mashhadi, 2011-


Papers and Publications: Inspirehep


Weekly talks:

32: Speaker: Ali Jalali. Title: "BRST Quantization". Wednesday 18th Ordibehesht 92.

31: Speaker: Mohammad Moghaddasi. Title: "An introduction to twistor theory and its applications". Wednesday 11th Ordibehesht 92.

30: Speaker: Tooraj Hoori. Title: T-duality of D-brane actions. Wednesday 4th Ordibehesht 92.

29: Speaker: Davood Mahdavian. Title: New boundary conditions for AdS3. Wednesday 28th Farvardin 92.

28: Speaker: Komeil Babaei. Title: D-brane couplings and generalized geometry. Wednesday 21st Farvardin 92.

27: Speaker: Ghadir Jafari. Title: Gravity and foundations of quantum mechanics II. Wednesday 23th Esfand 91.

26: Speaker: Mojtaba Mohammadzadeh. Title: Scalar - Tensor - Vector Gravity. Wednesday 16th Esfand 91.

25: Speaker: Hamid Razaghian. Title: Conformal field theory and BTZ black hole. Wednesday 9th Esfand 91.

24: Speaker: M. Mir. Title: Holographic conformal gravity. Wednesday 2nd Esfand 91.

23: Speaker: Ghadir Jafari. Title: Gravity and foundations of quantum mechanics I. Wednesday 25th Bahman 91.

22: Speaker: Dr Hamidreza Afshar. Title: Higher Spin gravity II. Wednesday 11th Bahman 91.

21: Speaker: Dr Hamidreza Afshar. Title: Higher Spin gravity I. Wednesday 4th Bahman 91.

20: Speaker: Davood Mahdavian. Title: The renormalization group flow and the a-theorem. Monday 22nd Khordad 91

19: Speaker: Hossein Babaei. Title: S-duality and scattering amplitude at low energies. Monday 8th Khordad 91.

18: Speaker: Yaser Akoo. Title: S-duality. Monday 1st Khordad 91.

17: Speaker: Komeil Babaei. Title: T-duality. Monday 25th Ordibehesht 91.

16: Speaker: Hamid Reza Bakhtiarizadeh. Title: Path Integral Action of a Particle in the Noncommutative Plane. Monday 11st Ordibehesht 91.

15: Speaker: Ghadir jafari. Title: Quantum gravity and quantum mechanics interpretations. Monday 4th Ordibehesht 91.

14: Speaker: Ali Jalali. Title: Supersymmetry Algebra. Monday 22nd Esfand 90.

13: Speaker: Hossein Babaei. Title: AdS/CFT (Part 2). Monday 15th Esfand 90.

12: Speaker: Hanif Golchin. Title: Black rings. Monday 8th Esfand 90.

11: Speaker: Davood Mahdavian. Title: More on massive gravity. Monday 1st Esfand 90.

10: Speaker: Yaser Akoo. Title: S-duality and nonabelian 5 point function. Monday 24th Bahman 90.

09: Speaker: Ghadir jafari. Title: The arrow of time in physics. Monday 3rd Bahman 90.

08: Speaker: Hamid Reza Bakhtiarizadeh. Title: Casimir effect for massive vector field. Monday 26th Day 90.

07: Speaker: Sajjad Hemmati. Title: The Lost Theory: the finite speed of light!. Monday 19th Day 90

06: Speaker: Ali Jalali. Title: SU(5) Model. Monday 12th Day 90.

05: Speaker: Farzaneh Najafi. Title: D-brane Model Building. Monday 5th Day 90.

04: Speaker: Komeil Babaei. Title: String scattering amplitude and T-duality. Monday 21st Azar 90.

03: Speaker: Mr Hossein Babaei. Title: Conformal Field Theory (part 1). Monday 7th Azar 90.

02: Speaker: Davood Mahdavian. Title: The Massive Gravity. Monday 23th Aban 90.

01: Speaker: Hanif Golchin. Title: The Kerr/CFT Correspondence. Monday 9th Aban 90.

Last Update: 6 May,  2013