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bulletB.Sc.      1988, Tehran University, Faculty of Engineering, Metallurgy.
bulletM.A.Sc.   1993, University of Waterloo, Mechanical Engineering.
bulletPh.D.      1999, McMaster University, Materials Science and Engineering.

Work Experience:

bulletDirector of dept. of metallurgy and QC, Sanaye Khodkafaiee, Tabriz, Iran, 1988-90.
bulletTeaching assistant, University of Waterloo and McMaster University, Canada, 1991-98.
bulletAssistant Professor  , Ferdowsi University of Mashad, Iran, 1999-.
bulletChairman of board of directors, Khorasan Axial Parts manufacturing Co., Iran, 2001-02.
bulletIndustrial advisor to local automotive parts manufacturing companies, Iran, 2000- .
bulletDirector of the office of Industrial Relationship , Ferdowsi University of Mashad, Iran, 2004- .


bullet"Thermodynamical computations for separation of alkali halides and lead oxide from EAF dust", International conference of Materials Science and Engineering, 2005, Jordon.
bullet"A thermodynamical study of aluminothermic production of Al-Sr Masteralloy", Aluminum conference, 2004, Tehran.
bullet"Design and development of measuring system for quench media", Eight conference of metallurgical engineers, 2003, Tehran.
bullet"Microstructural effects on the small fatigue crack behavior of an aluminum alloy plate", Fatigue Fract. Engng Mater. Struct. Vol. 18, 1995.

Invention and Patents:

bulletA Separation process for removal of alkali halides and lead compounds from EAF dust, W-K. Lu, A. Zabett, US patent pending, 1997.
bulletMeasuring system for quenching power of heat treatment media, A. Zabet, Iran, 2004.

Bachelor of Science


Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Major: Extractive Metallurgy, Iron and Steel making.

Supervisor: Professor Nasser Towhidi

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Master of Applied Science


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Thesis: "Microstructural Anisotropy in Aluminum Alloy 2024-T351"

Supervisor: Professor Allan Plumtree

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Doctor of Philosophy



Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Thesis: "A study of removal of Alkali Halides and Lead Compounds from EAF Dust by Vaporization and Condensation"

Supervisor: Professor W-K. Lu

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