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...Such investments in bioscience are catalysts for change. But to make the transformational advances we seek, all of us—philanthropists, governments, universities, and private companies alike—must invest much more in basic, fundamental science and in the intrepid scientists who are willing to pursue out-of-the-box approaches at the very edges of knowledge.
...Without risk, there is rarely reward, and unless we attempt more “bleeding edge” approaches, efforts to prevent pandemics, defeat dementia, or cure cancer may take much longer than they should.

Science 01 Apr 2016:New frontiers in bioscience; Paul G. Allen

... “If you really think there is a function for a long noncoding RNA, you have to prove it with multiple assays and, ideally, coming from different directions,”





Embryonic and Stem Cell Biology and Biotechnology Research Group
The Research Institute of Biotechnology
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Azadi Square, Mashhad, Iran
Email: dehghani@um.ac.ir; hesamdehghani@gmail.com

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June 4, 2016