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Left to Right: Sara Yousefi, Nima Dehdilani, Elias Tabatabaeizadeh, Hesam Dehghani, Masoumeh Es-haghi, Khadijeh Zare, Lena Goshayeshi

Dr. Hesam Dehghani, DVM, PhD
Professor of Molecular Biotechnology and Developmental Biology
Director, The Research Institute of Biotechnology


Date posted: December 8, 2016
Application deadline: open until filled

A postdoctoral position is available in Dr. Hesam Dehghani's laboratory to work in the areas of cancer epigenetics and lncRNA mediated chromatin remodeling. The approaches we use include cell line development, molecular biology, biochemistry and epigenome editing using CRISPR technology. A solid background and extensive experience in molecular cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and bioinformatics is essential. I will be seeking for a candidate who is independent, self-motivated and team-oriented. Successful applicants are also encouraged to write papers, mentor graduate students, and write grant proposals. The research environment is The Research Institute of Biotechnology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran. The initial contract will be a one year period which is extendable to two years. The first contract will be signed after a short evaluation period. Applicants should send their curriculum vitae, and the names and email addresses of three references to Dr. Hesam Dehghani (

Nima Dehdilani, DVM, PhD candidate
Lena Goshayeshi, BSc, MSc, PhD candidate
Elaheh Khazaee, DVM, DVSc candidate
Azam Naseri, MSc candidate
Hedyeh Rahimian, DVM candidate
Munes Yadegari, DVM candidate
Sara Yousefi, BSc, MSc, PhD candidate

Khadijeh Zare, BSc, MSc, PhD candidate

Mahboubeh Ebrahimian, DVM (2009)

Mohammad Ali Foroughi, BSc, MSc (2010)

Mahsa Mojtahedzadeh, DVM (2010)

Vajiheh Soltaninezhad, DVM (2010)

Mohammad Ali Sabbaghi, BSc, MSc (2011)

Amin Tavassoli, BSc, MSc (2011)

Zahra Baghestani, DVM (2012)

Sara Yousefi, BSc, MSc (2012)

Fahimeh Shahabipour, BSc, MSc (2012)

Saeed Saberol_shoara, DVM (2012)

Amin Nozari, DVM (2012)

Zahra Hoseininia, BSc, MSc (2013)

Mohsen Naeimipour, DVM, PhD (2013)

Sara Soltanian, BSc, MSc, PhD (2014)

Elias Tabatabaeizadeh, DVM, PhD (2014)
Mohammad Mehmandoost, MSc (2015)

Masoumeh Es-haghi, BSC, MSc, PhD (2016)

Embryonic and Stem Cell Biology and Biotechnology Research Group
The Research Institute of Biotechnology
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Azadi Square, Mashhad, Iran

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December 8, 2016