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PUBLICATIONS by Rahmatollah Fattahi:

BOOKS (translated into Farsi) See the cover pictures

1. Anglo-American cataloguing Rules, second edition, 1988 Revision. --Mashhad (Iran): Astan Qods, 1992.

2. IFLA. Libraries and Literacy. --Mashhad (Iran): Ferdowsi University Press, 1995.

3. IFLA. Guidelines for Public Libraries --Mashhad (Iran): Astan Qods, 1990.

4. Pao, Miranda Lee. Concepts of information retrieval. translated by A. Azad and Rahmatollah Fattahi. Mashhad: Ferdowsi University Press, 2000.

BOOKS (authored in Farsi):

1. Cataloguing and Classification: Principles and Methods. --Mashhad (Iran): Ferdowsi University Press, 1995. (second edition: 1998; Third edition: 2001; fourth edition: 2005).

2. Manual of Serial Management. -- Tehran: Dabizesh, 1381. 

2. Manual of Conference management. Tehran: IRANDOC, 1382 (2004). 


A. In English:

1. "Online Library Catalogs: Developments and Characteristics" OFOGH: The Journal of Computer Science and Engineering (1994) vol. 1, no. 2: 46-51.

2. "Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules and the Online Environment: a Literature Review" Cataloging and Classifications Quarterly (1995) vol. 20, no. 2: 25-50. Abstract

3. "A Comparison between the Online Catalogue and the Card Catalogue: Some Considerations for Redesigning Bibliographic Standards" Library Review (1995), vol. 44, no. 2: 44-58. Abstract

4. "A Comparison between the Online Catalogue and the Card Catalogue: Some Considerations for Redesigning Bibliographic Standards" OCLC Systems & Services (1995), vol. 11, no. 3: 28-38. (Award winner) Abstract

5. "Super Records: An approach towards the Description of Works Appearing in Various Manifestations", Library Review, (1996), vol. 45, no. 4: 19-29.(see also: A Prototype Catalogue of Super Records)

6. "Cataloguing at the crossroads: Cataloguers have a lot to offer the information age" which has been published in Cataloguing Australia, 1996, vol. 22, nos. 3/4: 59-67. (Award winner).

7. "A uniform approach to the indexing of cataloguing data in online library systems", Library Review, (1997), vol. 46, no. 5: 339-343. Abstract

8. "How doctoral studies can influence academic carees and practice" ELISA: Education for Library and Information Services: Australia, (1998), August, :61-63. Abstract

9. "AACR2 and Catalogue Production Technology: relevance of cataloguing principles to the online environment" in The Principles and Future Development of AACR: Proceedings of the International Conference on the principles and Future Development of AACR,  Toronto, 23-25 October 1997. Edited by Jean Weihs.-- Chicago: ALA, Canadian Library Association, Library Association, 1998: 17-43.

10. "Cataloguing Principles in an Online Environment", LASIE, Vol 29, No 1 (1998): 13-20 (1. pdf file on the Internet). (pdf file on my homepage)

11. "Library cataloguing and abstracting and indexing services: reconcilliation of the principles in the online nevironment?" Library Review, (1998), vol. 47, no. 4: 211-216. Abstract

12. "Librarianship in Iran since 1979" by Z. Hayati and R. Fattahi, In: International Librarianship: cooperation and collaboration.-- Lanham, Maryland, Scarecrew Press, 2001: 275-290. An unabridged version of this paper is avialable online.

13. "Restructuring the Bibliographic Record for Better Management, Organization and Representation of Knowledge in the Global Online Environment: A New Approach". Rahmatollah Fattahi and Mehri Parirokh. Presented at the 7th ISKO International Conference held in Granada, Spain (10-13 July 2002). Presentation Slides.

14. Parirokh, M. and Fattahi, R. "Creating organizational learning and learning organization: Management Experience in an Iranian university library, Presented at the International Conference on Information Management in an Information Society, Mumbai, India, Feb. 21-25, 2005. New Delhi, Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centers, 2005.

15. Z. Hayati, R. Fattahi, "Education for librarianship in Iran before the 1979 Islamic Revolution: An historical review of the American roles and influences".. Library Review, vol. 54, no. 5 (May 2005): 316-327. (pdf file) (html file)

16. Fattahi, R. and Afshar, E. "Added value of information and information systems", Library Review, vol. 55, no. 1/2: 132-147 (2006) . (html file -- Pdf file)

17. Fattahi, R. et. al. "The new M.A. curriculum for librarianship and Information Scinece: The Report of a Research Project", Iranian Journal of Information Science and Technology, vol. 4, no. 2 (2006),     (Word file)

18. Fattahi, R. "An alternative approach to natural language query expansion in search engines: Text analysis of general and domain-specific non-topical terms in Web documents", Submitted to Information Processing & Management. Vol. 44 (2008):

19. “Information organization in Iranian libraries and information centers: Trends and developments”, Iranian Journal of Information Science and Technology, vol. 4, no. ?? (2006),

20. Parirokh, M. and Fattahi, R. “Modelling the Minds of Children to Think Philosophically: Content Analysis of Stories for Children” Proceedings of the IBBY conference, Macao (China), 2006.

21. Parirokh, M., Daneshgar, F. and Fattahi, R. “Knowledge sharing capabilities in today's university libraries“, Proceedings of 62 IFLA World Library and Information Conference, 2006. In: Mehri Parirokh, Farhad Daneshgar, Rahmatollah Fattahi  (2008). Identifying knowledge-sharing requirements in academic Libraries. Library Review, 2008, 57 (2), 107-122.

B. Articles in Farsi:

More than 70 articles published in Farsi language journals (since 1977- ).


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