Ferdowsi University of Mashad

Currently collaborating with multiple project leaders and supervising international and domestic students


Research Interests

*       Transgenic farm/pharm animals and cell lines

*        Digestive system health and immune system

*        Recombinant peptide/proteins

*        Genetic disorders of domestic animals

*        Genetic diversity



Current Research Projects

1) Genetic engineering of ovine myogenic cell line with the aim of transgenic sheep production. In progress.

2) Evaluation of a rich concentrate of omega 3 fatty acids on performance, carcass quality and fatty acid profile of chicken meat from 24-44 days of age. In progress.

3) Bioinformatic analysis of antiviral properties of lactoferrin from farm animal species. In progress.

4) Evaluation of single nucleotide variation on pancreatic Ribonuclease gene in Baluchi sheep breed. In progress.

5) Biodiversity of domestic sheep breeds. In progress.

6) Estimating divergence time of camelids by mtDNA. In progress.



Domestic and international students

PhD Students and Projects

1) Parisa Kheirandish. In progress: ”Influence of metabolizable protein nature on the acute phase response (APR) in Holstein dairy cows with subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) challenge”

2) Mahsa Zabetian. In progress: ”Engineering of ovine pancreatic Ribonuclease (RNase1) to induce cell death”

3) Masoomeh Vakili. In progress: ”Engineering and Production of Recombinant Bovine Pancreatic Ribonuclease Along with Antibodies”

4) Mohammad Amin Namazi. In progress: ”Evaluation of antioxidants, reproductive and immune indices of broiler breeder roosters fed whey protein and selenium”

5) Keyvan Karami. In progress: ”Bioinformatic study of imprinted genes in bovine”

6) Zohreh Mehdipour. In progress: “Effect of glutamine supplementation on metabolisable energy, morphological and molecular changes in intestine of broiler chickens challenged with coccidian”

7) Fershteh Ashrafi. In progress: “Comparison of gene expression profiles of leukemia caused by oncogenic retroviruses in bovine and human by RNA-seq”

8) Hamid Ariannejad. In progress: “Engineering of Ranapiranse Enzyme for inducing apoptosis in Cell”

9) Jila Hesani. In progress: “Comparison and analysis  expression of the apoptosis (programmed cell-death) gene in both Esfehani and commercial breeds of chickens by RNA-seq data”

10) Ali Forouharmehr. 2017. “Engineering of Bovine pancreatic Ribonuclease (RNase A) for inducing of cell death”

11) Morteza Hashemi Attar. In progress: “The possibility of increasing lysine production in Corynebacterium glutamicum by genetic engineering”

12) Ahmad Afsharian.  In progress: Genetic mapping of the mitochondrial genome of Iranian short-snouted crocodile based on next generation sequencing and it’s genetic and  analysis Cytb , D-loop region”

13) Saeed Sahraei. In progress: “Differential expression analysis of genes involved in apoptosis in heart tissue of sensitive and resistant to Arian chicken ascites by RNA-Seq”

14) Vahid Taghizadeh. In progress: “Transcriptome and pathway analysis of angiogenesis in resistant and susceptible chickens for ascites in Iranian Paternal meat type line, Arian, by NGS technology”

15) Samira Hassanpourbashi. In progress: “Determination of amino acid requirements by serum urea, ammonium and uric acid and excreta uric acid and lysine alpha-ketoglutarate reductase activity in broiler chickens”

16) Zara Roudbari. 2016. “Construction and expression of GH and IGF-I genes for increasing muscle mass using  in rat animal model”

17) Osman Karimi. 2016. “Study the genetic diversity and genomic selection signatures in some Afghani sheep breeds”


MSc Students and Projects


1) Abdolaziz Hamd Al-Ahmad. In Progress: “Genetic distance between populations of Iranian native sheep based on mitochondrial DNA sequencing”

2) Hengameh payandeh. In Progress: “Inhibition of myostatin gene expression in sheep primary cells by siRNA”

3) Sajad Hassanzadeh. In Progress: “Effect of Antimicrobial Supplements on Expression of Protein Transporters PepT1, PepT2 and LEAP2 in Broiler Chickens Digestive System”

4) Farid Vahedi. In Progress: “Expression of Recombinant Erythropoietin (alpha) in Mammalian cell line”

5) Marzieh Alizadeh. In Progress: “Evaluation of effects of cLF36 peptide on growth performance, intestinal morphology and serum biochemical factors in broiler chickens challenged with clostridium perfringes

6) Monireh Ahmadian. In progress “Evaluation of antibacterial effects of cLF36 peptide on cLF36 peptide in both in vitro and in vivo in broilers”

7) Zara Rashidian. In progress: “Production of a stable cell line isolated from ovine myogenic satellite cells”

8) Taghi Abdolah. 2017. “Genetic diversity between three populations of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) based on DNA sequencing”

9) Mohammad Ali Khabiri. In progress: “Replacement value of different levels of chelated vs mineral copper and zinc on the performance and eggshell quality in laying hens”

10) Zara Mousavi. 2016. “Evaluation of  antibacterial properties of camel  lactoferrampin-lactoferricin  recombinant protein on the growth rate of some mastitis bacteria in Holstein dairy cows”

11) Saeedeh Kermani. 2016. “Bioinformatic study of micro-RNA target sequences on 3'UTR of myostatin gene in some indigenous Iranian sheep breeds”

12) Vahideh Abbasi. 2016. “Prediction of novel micro-RNA in the ovine chromosomes 20”

13) Faroq Kargar. 2016. “Effects of raw and processed Oak on performance and egg characteristics of laying hens”

14) Bahare Bakbaten. 2016. “Production of E. coli phytase by recombinant probiotics Lactococcous lactis for degrading of plan phytate”

15) Marjan Azghandi. 2015: “Sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of mitogenome in Iranian Bacterianus and Dromedaries camels

16) Hamideh Amjadi. 2011. “Development of rapid PCR-RFLP technique for identification of sheep, cattle and goat’s species and fraud detection in Iranian commercial meat products

17) Fahimeh Moradband. 2007. “Detection of polymorphisms in GDF9, FecB and BMP15 genes in Baluchi sheep”