Fluid Mechanics (I

Your text book is:

Fluid Mechanics; By: Victor L.Streeter and E.Benjamin Wylie

This course covers 3 units of your total of 140 units for B.Sc. Degree

Each unit includes 1 houre of lecture per week over 16 weeks for a term.


Genral Course topics:


Fluid Properties;

Newton's Viscosity Law, The Coefficient of Viscosity

Fluids and Continuum,

Bulk Modulus of Elasticity, Surface Tension,

Fluid Statics, Pressure at a Point, Pressure Variation with Elevation

Basic Equation of Fluid Statics


Units and Scales of Pressure Measurement

Hydrostatic Force on a plane Surface Submerged in a Static Incompressible Fluid,

Hydrostatic Force on Curved Submerged Surface,

 Buoyant Force, Stability of Floating and Submerged Bodies, Relative Equilibrium

Fluid-Flow Concepts and Basic Equations

Flow Characteristics; Definitions

The Concepts of System and Control Volume, Application of the Control Volume to Continuity, Energy, and

Momentum, Continuity Equation, Eulerís Equation of Motion along a Streamline, The Bernoulli Equation

Reversibility, Irreversibility, and Losses

The Steady-State Energy Equation

Interrelations between Eulerís Equation and the Thermodynamic, Relations

Application of the Energy Equation to Steady Fluid-Flow Situations

Applications of the Linear-Momentum Equation, The Moment-of-Momentum Equation

 Dimensional Analysis and Dynamic Similitude

Dimensional Homogeneity and Dimensionless Ratios

Dimensions and Units, The π Theorem, Discussion of Dimensionless Parameters, Model Studies

Fluid Measurements, Pressure Measurement, Velocity Measurement

Positive-Displacement Meters

Orifices, Venturi Meter, Nozzle, and Other Rate Devices


Measurement of Turbulence

Measurement of Viscosity