Water Distribution Systems


Your text book is:

"Water Processing and Transmission Systems"

By : Mohsen Kahrom

1st Edition, 2002

ISBN 964-5782-74-0, Ferdowsi University Press






Course Structure (for Water Distribution Systems)

Course covers following Subjects:


Sources of Potable water, It's distribution and availability on the earth,

Potable water quality,

Water storage systems,

Water quality, methods of controlling quality,

Main line Design,


Pipe standards and pipe materials,

Pipe line protection

Water distribution systems, how to design it

Hardy-Cross method of networks solution, Newton-Raphson and Linear method


Pumps and Pump Station Design

Theoretical aspects

Work and energy transfer, characteristic curves, effect of viscosity

Similarity laws, specific speed

Cavitations, NPSH,

How to select a pump, pumps in series, pumps in parallel

Vertical pumps, horizontal pumps

Equivalent characteristic curves for combination of pumps, by passes, pipe lines,

General consideration of pump station design


Water Hammer

Conservation equations

Speed of sound in pipe wall

Methods of solving conservative equations

Graphical method of solution

Effect of boundary condition on maximum pressure

Varity methods used to control water hammer maximum pressure in pipe lines

Separation in water column

General aspects of differencing techniques

Solution of water hammer equations along a pipe line, due to pump station failure (See transient solution as an example)



During the course sessions, students shall be provided by examples, visiting one of storage dames, one of pump stations,

one of pipe producing company. Students are requested to do some home works and carry on realistic design projects.


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