He has conducted lots of projects, the major ones  include:

1.     The perceptual learning style preferences of Iranian English language learners

2.     The dominant language learning strategies of Iranian learners

3.     On the role of intelligence in second language learning

4.     A critique on ESP textbooks in Iran

5.     The predictive validity of the new version of the state universities entrance examination admitting candidates to English major

He has written some articles too, the important ones are:

1.     Sapir-Whorf hypothesis and English & Persian idioms and proverbs

2.     Translation or adaptation: The role of statistics in translation

3.     The application of Systemic Functional Grammar of Halliday to ESP textbooks

4.     Postmodernism and second language teaching

5.     On the role of emotional intelligence in second language learning

His books are:

1.     A workbook on synonyms

2.     Personality types (forthcoming)



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