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Data exchange workshop - Germany

With H.Dragert & J.Beavan at Slow slip symp.- Japan

With Koji Okumura at Natural Disaster Research Institute - Iran

Research team on Bam earthquake

With T.Sagiya & Y.Yagi at Slow slip symp. - Japan

Sadeghi, Suzuki, Saeidi-kia, Fatemi & I - Iran

Slow slip symposium - Japan

With Geodesy group - Japan

Research team on Bam earthquake - Iran, in front of Pars hotel, 2003

Pars hotel, Bam, 2014

With Prof. Kato and Dr. Matsushima at a GPS campain site

Tectonic Crossroads Conference, Ankara

One day field trip on Anatolian Fault

Field trip on seismotectonics class. Mirzaei and I, with our MSc students from Tehran & Mashhad Universities, 2012.

First Iran-Japan workshop, Tehran-Iran, 1988

"I am at the right side with blue shirt!!"

Arg-e-Bam - Iran, 2003

Arg-e-Bam, 2014

Arg-e-Bam, 2014

Installing seismic network - Iran

Ahar - Varzaghan temporal seismic network installation

Rock falling caused by Bam earthq.- Iran

Tectonic Crossroads Conference, Ankara

"Pillar basalt"

Shear zone of Anatolian fault


At the edge of Aso volcano crater, Kyushu-Japan, 2000

Sismic Refraction Surveying - Iran

Right-lateral surface rupture accompanying the Zirkuh Earthquake (Ms 7.2), 10 May 1997-East of Iran

"M.Nabavieh and I are standing on the displaced edge of a road"

Right-lateral coseismic displacement which is cut and separated a tree trunk!!

"1997 Zirkuh earthquake, Ms 7.2, East of Iran"

Holly Makkeh- Kaabeh

Holly Mosque of Prophet Mohammad (SA)

Aali-ghapou historical building, Esfahan- Iran

Kyushu University - Japan

WPGM conference - Newzeland

Damavand peak - Iran

Water fall, Hamedan- Iran