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  1. K. Ghiasi-Shirazi, M. Mohseni, M. Darvishan, and R. Yousefzadeh. RSCM technology for developing runtime-reconfigurable telecommunication applications. Computer Standards & Interfaces, 51:43-55, 2017. (more...)

  2. K. Ghiasi-Shirazi, R. Safabakhsh, and M. Shamsi. Learning Translation Invariant Kernels for Classification. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 11:1353-1390, 2010. (more...)

  3. K. Ghiasi-Shirazi, Reza Safabakhsh, Omnidirectional edge detection. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, v.113 n.4, p.556-564, April, 2009. (more...)

Recent conference papers

Old conference papers

  1. A. Fazel, K. Ghiasi, C. Lucas, K. Hosseinzadeh, Robust feature extraction based on human ear physiology for automatic speech recognition systems, The 6th Conference on Intelligent Systems, Kerman, Iran, 2004 (in Persian). (download)

  2. K. Ghiasi-Shirazi and G. Ghassem-Sani, Using Satisfiability In Temporal Planning, Proceedings of the 9th Annual Int. CSI Computer Conference (CSICC'2004), 17-19 Feb. 2004, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Vol. I, pp. 214-223 (in Persian). (persian pdf) (english pdf) (code)