A. Books in English langause:


1. Razavi, S.M.A., and Irani, M., 2019, Food Applications of Nanotechnology (Editors V Ravishankar Rai, and Jamuna A Bai)- Chapter 13:Green Polymers Nanocomposites Applied In Food Packaging, ISBN 9781498784832, CRC Press.

2. Razavi, S.M.A. (Editor), 2018, Emerging Natural Hydrocolloids: Rheology and Functions, ISBN 978-1-119-41866-5, John Wiley and Sons Ltd., Chichester, England.

3. Razavi, S.M.A., and Irani, M., 2018, Reference Series in Phytochemistry. Bioactive Molecules in Food (Editor Jean-Michel Mérillon and Kishan Ramawat), Chapter 14: Rheology of Food Gums, ISBN 978-3-319-78029-0, Springer.

4. Razavi, S.M.A., and Behrouzian, F., 2018, Handbook of Food Bioengineering (Editor Alex Grumezescu), Vol. 20-Biopolymers for Food Design, Chapter 3: Biopolymers for fat-replaced foods design, ISBN:9780128114483, Elsevier Inc., Academic press, Cambridge, USA.

5. Razavi, S.M.A., and Mohammad Amini, A., 2016, Novel Approaches of Nanotechnology in Food (Editor Alex Grumezescu), Vol. 1, Chapter 8: Starch nanomaterials: A state-of-the-art review and future trends, pp. 237-270, ISBN:978-0-12-804308-0, Elsevier Inc., Academic press, Oxford, UK.

6. Razavi, S.M.A., and Naji-Tabasi, S., 2016, Advances in Food Rheology and Applications (Editor Jasim Ahmed) Chapter 17: Rheology and Texture of Basil Seed Gum, A New Hydrocolloid Source, Woodhead Publishing series.

7. Razavi, S.M.A., and Naji-Tabasi, S., 2015, Rheology: Principles, Applications and Environmental Impacts (Editor Evgeny Karpushkin), Chapter 5: Rheology and Texture of Cress Seed Gum, ISBN: 978-1-63482-223-7, Nova publishers, New York.



B. Books in Persian language:


1. Razavi, S.M.A., and Akbari, R., 2014, Biophysical properties of agricultural materials and food products (5nd edition), A textbook for postgraduate course in Food Science and Technology, Ferdowsi University Press, Mashhad, Iran..

2. Razavi, S.M.A., BahramParvar, M. and Amiryousefi, M.R. 2011, Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering, Ferdowsi University Press, Mashhad, Iran

3. Ghodosi, H.B., Habibi Najafi, M.B., Mazaheri Tehrani, M. and Razavi, S.M.A., 2007, Feta Cheese (2nd edition), Ferdowsi University Press, Mashhad, Iran.

4. Habibi Najafi, M.B., Mazaheri Tehrani, M. and Razavi, S.M.A., 2006, Yogurt, Science and Technology (2nd edition), Djahad Daneshghahi Press, Iran.

5. Nasehi, B. and Razavi, S.M.A., 1999, Manual of Food Freezing for Home, Hamrah Publication Com. Ltd., Tehran, Iran.

6. Razavi, S.M.A., 1996, Food Preservation Technology, A textbook for undergraduate course in Food Science and Technology (manuscript), University of Ferdowsi, Mashhad, Iran.

7. Mazaheri Tehrani, M. and Razavi, S.M.A., 1993 (First edition), Soyfood Products, Second edition, 2006, Djahad Daneshghahi Press, Iran.


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