Center of Excellence in Native Natural Hydrocolloids of Iran



1. Introduction

2. Research interests

3. Members

4. Postgraduate students

5. Recent Publications




1. Introduction

Welcome to the Center of Excellence in Native Natural Hydrocolloids (CENNH) of Iran as a National's leading center in Iran. The Food Hydrocolloid Research Center (FHRC) was founded by Prof. Razavi at the Department of Food Science and Technology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM) since 2009 and it was upgraded to the Center of Excellence in Native Natural Hydrocolloids of Iran (CENNH) by the ministry of science, research and technology (MSRT) of Iran since 2018. The mission is to serve as a catalyst for research and development of novel food hydrocolloids as well commercial ones that will enhance their potential applications in different systems especially food industry. The term ‘hydrocolloids’ refers to a range of polysaccharides and proteins that are nowadays widely used in a variety of industrial sectors to perform a number of functions including thickening and gelling aqueous solutions, stabilising foams, emulsions and dispersions, inhibiting ice and sugar crystal formation and the controlled release of flavours, etc. Hydrocolloids are generally high-molecular weight hydrophilic biopolymers used widely as functional ingredients in the food and pharmaceutical systems.  Hydrocolloids from plants have an advantage over those of animal origin due to their friendly image towards consumers. There is still a continual search for new natural hydrocolloids with excellent functional properties and good price that could be as alternative for some commercial gums. Some Plants, growing in different regions of Iran, have valuable polysaccharides, which their seeds extract can be used as novel food hydrocolloid sources.


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2. Research interests


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3. Members

The center is comprised of a diverse group of researchers that work with academic and industry partners while maintaining ongoing research programs at FUM. The center team includes faculty from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Iran), Tarbiat Moddarres University (Iran), Technical University of Denmark (DTU, Denmark) and RMIT University (Australia). Please see the links below for biographies of staff members involved with the center:


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4. Postgraduate students

The following postgraduate students are currently working in the field of food hydrocolloids at CENNH:


PhD students:

MSc students:


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5. Recent Publications


The following papers form the CENNH research works have been recently published by ISI journals: 

  1. Irani, M., Razavi, S.M.A., Abdel-Aal, El-Sayed M. Hucl, P. and Patterson, C. A., 2019, Viscoelastic and textural properties of canary seed starch gels in comparison with wheat starch gel, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 124, 270-281.

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  3. Javidi, F., Razavi, S.M.A, and Mohammad Amini, A., 2019, Response surface optimization of reduced fat o/w emulsions formulated with cornstarch nanocrystal as a novel fat replacer, Starch, 71, 1800311 (1 of 10).

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